Eating Healthy Before and During Your Vacation


Don’t make this mistake when you’re on vacation!

Getting Ready For Your Vacation

It’s summer time and high time for vacations. Everyone is going somewhere. Whether to the beach, out west, or to Italy to experience the Mediterranean (and very healthy) lifestyle, we all need to get away. We think about it all winter when we are cooped up with cabin fever. Once the warmer weather sets in, our anxiety levels to go on vacation are high, and our determination is fierce.

Not only that, but our desire to look good on the outside consumes us. We starve ourselves, drink tons of water, exercise everyday, eat lots of carrots when we do decide to finally eat, and go tanning. Actually, each one of these things is a great way to get ready for a vacation, and that includes tanning!


vStarving yourself or skipping a meal now and then helps your body to shed negative toxins. It’s not recommended to starve yourself over long periods of time unless you are truly conducting a “spiritual fast” for your own personal reasons. There are varieties of fasting books available to help you do it right without destroying your health.

You can participate in a juice fast, and if you have a juicer, even better. There are varieties of recipes online for juicing and other types of fasting. Fasting doesn’t mean starvation either. Deciding to abstain from a certain food category or categories for a period of time is also a fast.

The Importance of Water and Hydration

Drinking lots of water also helps the body to shed environmental toxins as well as those from the medications we take and the foods we eat. Water is also known to help you lose weight faster because it is filling and has no calories. Water is also great for hydrating the body. If we get dehydrated, sickness in the form of dizziness, headaches, and overheating can set in.


Exercise not only increases metabolism and natural energy levels but it also releases endorphins which are natural pain relieving chemicals. If you think you are in too much pain to exercise, you are wrong! Light exercise will, over time, help to get rid of your pain and suffering.


As for tanning, this is vital, especially if you plan on heading to the beach or know that you will be outside a lot. If you have been locked inside all winter, then you may be very pale. If you go from almost no sunshine to a plethora of it right away, you will burn badly!

Prepare yourself ahead of time by either sitting in the sun for an hour every other day, or going to the tanning salon. This way it won’t be such a shock to your sensitive skin.

Don’t Ruin Your Healthy Lifestyle While on Vacation

You’ve finally made it. You are leaving soon for your long awaited vacation. You exercised, dieted, and drank lots of water. Now you look and feel great from the inside out!

Please don’t destroy the results of all your hard work! Even if you decide to give in an drink an overly sweet Pina Colada or a Margarita, it’s o.k. Just don’t do it again or you may regret it. Sure, balance is required in life, and every now and then it’s o.k. to eat or drink whatever you want.

Tips to Keep You Healthy and Looking Good While on Vacation:

  1. When snacking, eat small portions – Moderation is o.k. But some people have a difficult time with moderation. Don’t make the excuse that you are going to have the largest size of something because you have been ‘so good’ on your diet. Take the smaller portion – which should be enough if you’ve lost weight already. When losing weight, your stomach shrinks somewhat, and you find that you just can’t eat as much as you used to.
  2. Make your own snacks – Stopping at gas stations will most surely cause you to pick up just about anything, and it’s usually unhealthy. Bring a cooler filled with fruit, cut veggies, raisins, and nuts. You can also make snack mixes for the whole family that includes your favorite nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and healthy dark chocolate if you can handle it. You can also make tasty Chex mix recipes as the Rice and Corn Chex are gluten free.They now have cinnamon and vanilla Chex which are also gluten free.
  3. Buy Groceries and Cook in Your Hotel Room – Make sure that when you reserve a room somewhere, that it’s at a place with a kitchen. If you are driving an RV then you don’t have to worry about this. When you arrive or shortly thereafter, buy enough groceries to make some meals for your entire family. This way you can control everything you all eat and save lots of money to boot!
  4. Pack a Cooler For Your Daily Outings – Picnicking is a great way to make fun family memories and avoid overpaying for fattening, fried foods. Pack something interesting and yummy – this is where you can be more open minded as many things you purchase for your cooler will always be healthier than anything you find on the side of the road.
  5. Research – Find out ahead of time about the healthiest restaurants in the location you are visiting. Review the menus ahead of time, and find out calorie and fat content as well. Keep a written record of the restaurants that are safe and those that aren’t. This way you don’t have to decide at the last minute and eat something that is unhealthy or doesn’t agree with your body and current lifestyle.

These tips are simple to implement and your body will thank you. When you get home, not only will you have great memories created with your family and/or friends but you will be extremely satisfied that you choose to stay healthy during your entire vacation. It’s something to pride yourself in. Leave a legacy by setting positive example for others to follow during your vacations!


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Steven Dyer