We commonly receive all types of questions, ranging from: Is the procedures used by Prana Health safe? Is it for real? Do I need to drink anything? And so on and so forth. We like to answer your questions straight forward and tell you that our approach to anti-aging is simple:

  1. Our solution is safe
  2. Our solution is administered by a Board Certified Physician
  3. Our Results Work and Our Patients Love Us

The problem with most forms of medicinal care is that they are focused on treating the symptoms rather than the root of the problem. Here at Prana Health we take a different approach. We bring you an innovative style of medicine aimed at treating the whole person in order to bring about total health by stopping problems at the source. It is more than illness prevention; it is a completely different approach to health and healing. Prana Health is a holistic practice that utilizes Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) to care for a wide variety of health concerns.

The human body relies on a delicate balance of hormones. Every moment of every day, the body is working toward a state of equilibrium. The health of every bodily function from digestion to sexual drive is determined the proper hormonal balance. Prana Health offers a customized program that will help to bring your hormones back into the correct balance, giving you the energy and vitality that you want and need.

You can trust the professional level of care that you will receive from Prana Health. Prana Health is a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Some of the benefits of the unique hormonal treatment offered by Prana Health include improved skin tone, increased lean muscle mass and decreased fat mass, higher energy levels, a better functioning immune system, and improved memory. Prana Health has unique programs for both men and women.


This isn’t you typical weight loss clinic, Prana Health doesn’t believe in bottled juices or magical drops...our team of doctors assess each patient’s needs individually and then formulate a protocol custom-­-tailored to your body and metabolism ensuring maximum results.

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