Corporate Wellness


You want healthy employees? We provide the resources to help you!

Florida businesses are coming to the realization that a company’s productivity, growth and employee health are interdependent. For this reason, many of them are beginning to incorporate a Worksite Wellness program in their facilities. Worksite wellness programs can produce lifestyle behavior changes that increase productivity and decrease absenteeism …not to mention lower health care cost. So whether you are looking for a dynamic speaker for a meeting, lunch & learn, community or wellness event, Prana Health can provide all for that for you.


Employers with well programs get a lot in return:


 > Healthcare costs decrease by ~20 to 55 percent

> Short-term sick leave drops by ~6 to 32 percent

> Long-term sick leave drops by ~2 to 52 percent

With our Worksite Wellness programs we can provide anything from nutrition classes, to monthly weigh in’s and more.

Our nutrition classes are strategically designed and continually updated to educate participants on key, life-changing nutrition topics. They teach people how to eat better and live a healthier, balanced life through relevant, real-life nutrition information presented in a simple, fun and engaging way. Classes range from learning how to read a food label to teaching balanced eating for optimal health.

Each class features a specific topic and always ends with designated, open “Q & A” session. For those who want to lose weight, increase their energy, reduce their cholesterol and eat healthier, these provide nutritional truth that will change your life! All ages, genders and lifestyles can benefit from these classes! Other services are also applicable.

 Today is your day to take action! When employees are shown the shared vision and benefits of creating a wellness culture they immediately respond. Show your employees that you care about their well being by establishing a Worksite Wellness program in your company today.

Our services

  • Low Cost interventions (weigh in’s, BMI, Body Comp tests)
  • Nutrition Classes
  • Physical Activity challenges
  • Monthly Newsletters
  • Workshops

This isn’t you typical weight loss clinic, Prana Health doesn’t believe in bottled juices or magical drops...our team of doctors assess each patient’s needs individually and then formulate a protocol custom-­-tailored to your body and metabolism ensuring maximum results.

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