Prana Health and its professional staff was kind and very knowledgeable. I went in weighing around 247 lbs and ended losing around 36.7 lbs in only 60 days, I am extremely satisfied with the results; they delivered what they promised.

Steven Dyer

Excellent service starts with talent. People, Businesses, Professionals, and Athletes all over the globe rely on the people of Prana Health, LLC to transform knowledge into action, so they can shape outcomes on the world stage. In return, we believe careers shouldn’t be confined. The medical industry, and even more the Anti-Aging industry is a Trillion dollar industry which now more than ever is under staffed. With the increasing number of Baby-Boomers looking for options to live longer and stay rejuvenated, Prana Health, LLC stands to become a leader in this industry. The breadth and global reach of our services and products offers virtually unlimited opportunities to shape a career path that matches the contours of your talents, interests and goals.

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Registered Dietitian ( RD | LDN )

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