The “C” word

Imagine sitting in a doctor’s office and being diagnosed with cancer. In this paralyzing moment, whatever was consuming your life minutes before suddenly goes away as you are now facing something completely new and terrifying. More than one million people in the United States get cancer each year. It is a word that many people fear including physicians. Cancer is a complex group of diseases with many possible causes. Some of the factors that come into play include genetics, tobacco use, Sun and UV exposure, diet and physical activity and many more.

The good news is that maintaining a healthy lifestyle which includes getting recommended screening test can help you lower your chances of getting cancer. Remember that Cancer is NOT a death sentence. There are many living proofs to show that changing your lifestyle can help. Whether you are going through treatment at the moment or in remission we can help. Let us teach you the path to a healthier you


Prana Health and its professional staff was kind and very knowledgeable. I went in weighing around 247 lbs and ended losing around 36.7 lbs in only 60 days, I am extremely satisfied with the results; they delivered what they promised.

Steven Dyer